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Website to App, Get an App for your Business

So if you already have a website, then complement your website with a 100% native app. When I mention this to businesses, they don’t really understand why or what the whole website to app service actually is or why they would need it. So this post is my attempt at explaining what the service is and why you may want to consider getting an app for your business which is based on your website.

Web to App Service

With our website to app service, we take your website, the design, colour scheme and all of the pages and content. We then create a web view app for iOS & Android and create a completely native app based on your website, with added native functionality if needed and get your business on the app stores to reach a whole new market.

You may be thinking, why would you need this if you already have a website. It’s a good question, and without the correct knowledge it’s understandable to question it. So let me outline some of the advantages of why you would go for this service from a business perspective.

When I first started in web development, the desktop usage compared to mobile was around 90% desktop, 10% mobile. However, these days, the roles have completely reversed and mobile is around the 80% mark, with desktop on the decline at around 20%.

So this shows that more and more people are using their mobile phones, rather than using laptops and desktop computers, so this alone is a reason to get an app for your business. Yes, your website could be mobile responsive which works well on phones, but you won’t get that native app feel and the speed of an app compared to a mobile responsive website is far greater, not to mention the endless possibilities of native functionality, which leads me onto the benefits of having an app for your business.

Benefits of an App

There are so many benefits to having an app for your business, too many to list in this post. However, I will list some of the main advantages your business could benefit from.

  • Market more directly with push notifications.
  • Most people are on mobile and are more likely to download an app.
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Stand out from the crowd, not many businesses own an app, be one of the first.
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Build brand recognition
  • Increase visibility to clients at all times

Having a website is a great start but after attracting new customers, urge them to download your app on their mobile devices then use your app customer base to generate profitable opportunities. 

If you want to expand on your knowledge of why getting an app for your business is the right business move right now, do a simple Google search on the benefits of having an app and you will find loads of posts on why it’s a great business move.

The great thing about this service is the cost. If you get a quote for an iOS & Android app from anywhere else then don’t be surprised if you get quoted between 5k to 30k. However, with our website to app service, you could get an app on both app stores for under 1k. Now that is an investment worth doing.

View our app services page for more info and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you require more info.


August 21, 2019