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About Ayling Tech

Ayling Tech was born in mid-2018. After years of working in many agencies and corporate organisations, we felt there was a market in the web design space for affordable websites without losing that premium feel, to be able to help businesses establish an online web presence without breaking the bank. Everything has been going well. However, as we provided a broad range of services, and with the costs still not at what they could be, we had a major rethink in our business model.

Fast forward a year to 2019, we have now refined our services to just websites and apps to specialise in two areas to take a more personalised, focused approach to our clients, we’ve also adjusted the costs so they are now even more affordable and cost-effective while introducing pay monthly packages which should be way more beneficial, especially to new start-up businesses.

As well as doing business with clients of all sorts throughout the UK, we also create our own websites and apps which we will release more info on at a later date, when we will reveal our new upcoming projects.


I’m Nathan, I have been a Full Stack Designer/Developer for over 10+ years. With a wealth of experience in creating bespoke, professional websites and apps to a client’s needs having worked for multiple agencies and big corporate organisations. Having worked at many places and seeing how much businesses have had to pay for a website or an app is what made my decision to start Ayling Tech, to be able to provide businesses with the same quality digital products, but without the huge investments risks.